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By Snowflake Liberal Traitors
(at Facebook, Twitter, the Progressive Media, etc.)

The Liberal Traitors Are Not "Fact Checkers!"
They Are "Fact TWISTERS & Fact DELETERS!"

Jesus Christ mentioned the "Synagogue of Satan" in the Bible. He was referring to the followers of the Jewish religion of his day that were not biologically descended from Israelites, but who were actually of Arab stock and descended from non-Israelites who had accepted the religion of Israel anciently. The Bible also says that these people will always be at odds with Israel throughout time. Thus, we see the infiltration of a lawful government by aggressors using religion as their tool. This invasion, long a world-wide movement, has continued unabated down through the centuries!

Today these pseudo Jews are found perverting our people through many avenues. Hollywood is largely run by them and their brainwashing machine has ruined countless people. Public education is largely under their control, and they are brainwashing and ruining our children. Our governments are thoroughly infiltrated by these traitors. To understand the truth of these accusations, one must realize that the rise of Marxism in all its forms is the movement of these pseudo-Jews. They championed Socialism before Lenin, and in fact, the pseudo-Jews of New York financed the Russian Revolution, and even Lenin was a Jew as were many of the leaders of that evil movement. The phrase "Arab Jews" explains why Socialism and Islam can march hand-in-hand toward conquoring the world together. Historically, the majority of Jews have always voted Progressive, i.e. as Democrats. Understand that "Social Democrats" are actually SOCIALIST Democrats.

Today this Marxist onslaught in the United States has reached the status of an unlawful Coup-in-Progress, an out-and-out attempt to overthrow the Republic and its Constitution. But just as the only non-Galalean Apostle Judas bit the dust for his treachery, he being the infiltrator thief from the Synagogue of Satan, we will eventually see these modern conspirators bite the dust at the second advent of Jesus Christ.

A very interesting read can be found at "The New Red Terror, Part One" at This Link and at Part Two at This Link

Some further information on the tactics and activities of these Marxist traitors can be found at This Link

A study that documents the Synagogue of Satan information presented in the first three paragraphs of this post is found at THE OTHER END OF THE WORLD by Roger Rusk that can be seen at This Link

I personally believe that "the end" is very near, the Rapture imminent, and that the 2020 election is our last chance at retaining the Republic. After that the numbers of brainwashed citizens will overpower the Patriot citizens, and this Republic will be no more. Persecution and every horror previously practiced by the "Commies" in Soviet Russia, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, will become commonplace here in America. It is important to understand what is taking place, and that being the case, it is also of the utmost importance to know for sure that you are "saved." Your eternity depends on that. For that, see This Link

Facebook blocks this post. The first two links to the "League of the South" go against their so-called "Community Standards." And that is exactly why everyone using Facebook should be using, where such bird-brained "Traitor Commie" censorship doesn't happen.

HOWEVER, here are some "modern" FACTS about our so-called "Free Speech" in the United States, found at Collage Libraries.

It all boils down to living true to God's Law, or not living true to God's Law. God's Law Code is the law code that really counts, not any laws passed by any State that go against God's Laws. Christians are not bound to follow any law that opposes any Natural Law of God. The Founding Fathers probably would have outlawed Islam if they had had any idea of the problems of Islam becoming so big in the United States! Likewise, the same would have been done with Marxism. People of those persuasions would have been excluded from participating in government. And, NOW, a Constitutional Amendment to do that is exactly what is needed to save this Republic from its doom. But it won't happen. Lock and load, people, and get on your knees before God to pray for this nation, your family, and your friends! Watch for the return of Jesus our King in the clouds to gather His Bride. It is very, very close.

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