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This Is Eternal Salvation

Absolutely NOTHING is more important than your relationship with, and standing before, God! If you fail to gain eternal salvation, you will suffer eternal damnation in the ever-burning fires of Hell for all eternity, for days and years and millennia without end. The path to destruction is like a broad road to nowhere, and the way to salvation is like turning aside through a narrow gate toward God's throne. We are commanded to work out our own salvation, meaning, know what you are doing about it, and be sure you are doing it right. Literally, your eternal future depends on your decision and actions regarding God's Plan of Salvation! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for starters, as we are saved by His Grace, and then proceed on toward perfection by Faithfully Persevering in obeying His Commandments all the rest of the days of our life! That, dear friend, is the "narrow way," on the "right path," the journey that the eternally saved all choose during this mortal life.

The Great Gospel Deception by David Servant

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