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Traitors, Invaders & Sinners

Top 5 MK Ultra Mind Control Videos (They're Watching)

The Many Enemies Of God

There are many enemies of the TRUTH, of what is RIGHT and GOOD, and of what is LAWFULL. ALL of these enemies are enemies of God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and genuine Christians. These enemies are intent on overthrowing the American Republic, and on overthrowing God Himself. These people are seemingly, and currently, winning the battle, but are already defeated in its conclusion. Jesus has already won this war, and will soon return to earth to put down these revolutionary sinners. Until then, we need to turn our plowshares into swords. We need to arm ourselves to protect our freedom, our families, and our Republic. We need to pray and witness The Gospel Message, and be sure that we are right with God in word and deed. We are not to stand down from the fight. We wage Holy War against all Marxist Revolutions, and a Marxist Revolution is exactly what we are now facing. We must be dedicated Warriors under the headship of Jesus Christ.

The Catylist of Immoral Change:
Uniformatarianism & Lying Pseudo-Sciences

The Current Immoral National Climate

The current morality in the United States has reached an all-time low. Immorality reigns supreme over America! Infanticide has been out in the open, and legal for decades. Many children are trafficed, and many are slaughtered secretely in Satanic rituals. Recurring outings of sexual immorality have plagued the entertainment industry and the political establishments, decade after decade, yet these outrages are always hushed up as fast as possible by a complicent media. It is considered a "national security" imperative to hush it up, considering how high up the chain of command in our government and society the involved perverted individuals are. With the ongoing Jeffrey Epstien investigations, we are now seeing more and more of the evidence on how magnificently corrupted our government is. It is now so bad that the Marxist Coup attempt is non-stop because the criminals involved are very afraid of what will happen to them if they don't retain enough power to shut down the investigations. The traitorous liberal media, the corrupted performing artists, the power and money hungry politicians, the high and mighty Progressive CEO's, and all of their lackeys, all of these scum bags are out to overthrow the Republic. They know that their immoral and illegal, perverted sexual activities are their Achilles' heels. So, they are out to get Trump and anyone else that dares to stand up against them!

Sadly, so many of the common people are involved in pornography, watching hours and hours of filthy television that is the equivalent of pornography, worshipping sports and sports hero's, and are involved in blatent sexual sinning, that as a whole we are either participants, accomplaces, or enablers of these sins. As a nation and individually we are now starting to reap the reward that always comes from many years of prolonged sin. And it isn't going to be pretty.

Here is a list of arrests and convictions spanning several years. If not directly related to the Jeffrey Epstein and Giselle Maxwell investigations, they are representative of our immoral national climate. This list is going around the internet within social media:

See: The Creep Sheet: The Creep Sheet is an encyclopedia of public figures accused of sexual assault and harassment.

There is a pattern in the above information that validates the "Conspiracy Theories" claiming that a Pedophile Network has been operating in the highest levels of the American culture for many, many years. That fact is no longer in doubt. The fact that all of this is going on, and that some of these crimes are coming to light, should lend credence to the information presented here on this website. The fact that all of our living former Presidents are not supporting Donald Trump for reelection, should drive the factualness of the New World Order one-world government and religion "Conspiracy Theory" vigorously home! It is so out in the open now that no one can credibly refer to this evil movement as a "theory" anymore. And, remember the source of all this evil is Satan, as demonstrated by the video's in the sidebar on the right. That small list is a snapshot of the current vile and Godless condition of American Society.

Furthermore, I being one that was briefly "trafficked" as a child, I can personally testify that the pedophile network is vast within this country, and not just in the highest circles of government. No, I will not provide any details of my own experience, but be aware that such experiences produce troubled youngsters who become troubled adults. Invariably, if not properly dealt with, the victim's later relationships, and families, are often destroyed by their own ill-gained passions and actions. Sin can take a terrible toll. It takes Jesus Christ coming into one's life to overcome these kind of problems, to deal with sin, and to fully deal with the ramifications of sexual abuse. And I don't mean just a simple Sinner's Prayer with inadequate lip service to Jesus Christ. After all, part of my youth was safely spent in the home of a minister, an excellent Christian man. Being a preacher's kid doesn't necessarily protect or save anyone from worldly entanglements. Escape from any and every kind of sin means whole-hearted repentance of sin, and dedication to Jesus Christ that reaches the Warrior Disciple Priest level. See the Salvation section of this website to fully grasp the significance of genuine Descipleship. Take the time!

Earlier Warnings Of Decadence In Government

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The Catylist of Political Change:
Marxism, Communism & Socialist Democrats

“You don’t understand the class structure of American society,” said Smetana, “or you would not ask such a question. In the United States, the working class are Democrats. The middle class are Republicans. The upper class are Communists.” - Whittaker Chambers, Witness, pg. 616

1969: Communists Using Race Conflicts To Introduce Socialism

Socialist Democrats, rioting and thieving agitators paid by George Soros, Black Lives Matter Snowflakes, misguided millionaires like Zuckerberg and Gates... Many are the DUPES and Fellow-Travelers of Marxist philosophies, all looking for a better world (without Jesus) that are doomed to dosappointment. In fact, the usual course of events after a Marxist revolution is that the violent agitators are then percieved as the new biggest threat to the the new Marxist power structure, and those agitators promptly become the next wave of victims. "What goes 'round comes 'round." And the usual slaughter and enslavement of Christians, Jews, and Conservatives goes into high gear. Nothing is sacred to Marxists, really, except perhaps the pie-in-the-sky dreams of a Utopia they will never achieve. Just the bloodshed trying to get to there, will ever manifest itself.

The One Hundred Year Agenda (Part 1) – Curtis Bowers

The One Hundred Year Agenda (Part 2)

Faith Family Freedom Fund


Islam needs little introduction on my part. If you like killing people, if you like torturing people, if you have no respect for women and children, if seething hate is your kind of thing, then Islam might be for you. But if so, the fires of Hell are for you, too! You should seriously rethink what you believe.

The New Age

The so-called New Age is nothing but baloney. You can believe alomost anything to be a part of it. But it is a belief system full of lies. Beware!

From God's Truth to a New Spirituality


The pathways to an eternity apart from God, to a destiny where YOU have to pay for YOUR sins YOURSELF, are many and varied. How sad it is that many people will reject the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ that Jesus has freely offered to everyone. But we all make our choice! And that choice can not be changed after our physical death. What is yours?

Man's Inability to Govern – July 23rd, 2020 - BLM, Antifa & Rage Over Reason

Demonic America

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Fall of the Cabal, Parts 1-5

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